Correct measures are crucial for the perfect fit. If we do not provide measuring services in your country, we will send you a video with details on how to take the required measurements. Not sure if you’ve taken the measurements correctly? Visiting your local tailor may help. Send us the measurements and we’ll send you a bridal dress that fits you perfectly!

  • Category: Services
  • Service Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Address: Riyadh Saudi Arabia (Map)
  • Price:Free



We will review the measurements with our expert team and may ask you some questions about your heels, length and weight. If you are planning to lose or gain weight please let us know so we can help you with our experience.

Please do not add extra measurements. For example, don’t add extra to the length because you are afraid of receiving a short dress because you will end up receiving a long dress

We will make the dress measurements exactly as the measurements that you provide. We will not take responsibility of the wrong measurements